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Relax, go slow and unwind: the stuff of legends at Myth House, Bangkok

Healing massages, rejuvenating body scrubs, and astrology, Myth serves up the only experience of the traditional Thai massage you’ll ever need.

On the Road to Acne-Free Skin | What’s in my kit?

Some people have without trying, others want it but never really bother; the rest of us mere mortals will slather, slap and rub in anything, just to get the rare glimpse of it. What am I talking about? Good skin. I come from a family of faces riddled with acne. So much so, that by the tender age of 16, I had pretty much given up. I knew even back then, that the odds were stacked so high against me. Considering my grandmother still fought her battles against the pustuled menace, what chance in hell did I have? It wasn’t a diet or a hygiene issue; my body was against me. Yet flash forward to the present day and I sometimes get asked about my skin. The first time this happened, I recoiled in both shock and shame. How could anyone think, that the girl once likened to a puffer fish (by a mean boy in the school playground), could have good skin? I had gotten so used to hating my skin, that I didn’t even register that it had …

Thank the Lord for… Coats

Who knew I could miss wool so much? Living in Thailand has its upsides, but that comfortable snug feeling of a woolen coat… isn’t one of them. Even though the weather’s looking up here in Berlin, I’m milking this look for all it’s worth. ^^ Sans coat. Wool Coat: Vintage. Cardigan: Zara. Jeans: H&M. Boots: Timbaland@Asos. Vest/Top: Zara (old).  We spent the afternoon walking around some of Berlin’s many parks, stopping for the not-so-occasional Bellini.

On a lighter note | Hand made organic Thai soy wax candles

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is a treasure trove of various odd bits and pieces. There’s certainly something for everyone. And by everyone, I actually mean someone as picky and as stubborn as, well, me! I bought this candle a couple of weeks back out and I think I need another one. I don’t know about you, but I get exhausted by the ‘same-ishness’ of everything. When we talk about luxury candles, I’ve noticed that most people’s eyes glaze over and they unknowingly regurgitate the same brands. I liken it to something out of that classic children’s tv show, ‘The Demon Headmaster’. They seem to always come out with the same names: Dyptique, Yankee and Jo Malone; although not necessarily in that particular order. And aren’t they great? Well… Having worked at most of the luxury department stores in London, I’ll admit that they are. Yet, not quite the ‘be all and end all’ they’d have you believe. Admittedly, there was a time I’d probably have gnawed my own hand off, just to get my hands on one. …

My Dream Zalora Valentine’s Day Outfit

My Dream Zalora Valentine’s Day Outfit by shedoesliving on Polyvore Valentine’s day is the one day of the year when I turn into a cake eating monster. Kidding. I’m always a cake eating monster! Give me chocolates, give me sweets, give it all… to me.But boxes of chocolate and gorging aside, I do sincerely love the whole spirit of the season. Spring is in the air and you get tons of candy! What’s not to love?You probably can already tell from the picture above, but my recent exploits into Asian fashion has been taking a very interesting turn. Although there have been some outlandish ‘frou frou’ outfits, that belong on set of a Tim Burton movie; I have also found ensembles that have really grabbed my attention. I’m by no means a fashionista, but I have never turned down an opportunity to get all dolled up. And with the fact that my German is coming down for Valentine’s day; I’ve put together an outfit that’ll sure to bring out the inner girly girl in me. One thing …

“Eastern Treats” | A taste of the crème de la crème of Thai perfumery

It seems a world away, when I was working at one of London’s most iconic stores, Liberty. To this day, it is still one of my favorite places to be. The bustling counter of La Labo was just an eyeshot away, so its not hard to see how: surrounded by pure unadulterated luxury, sophistication and class; I used to wonder what it would be like to have my very own bespoke scent. It is very rare for me to find a perfume that fits. Not only am I extremely choosy, but I guess you could say that I am old school, in the sense that I believe that fragrances should be personal. I never quite understood how or why people would choose to wear some of the concoctions out there, just because it was a famous brand or endorsed by a particular celebrity. That, and I find that many fragrances disagree with my skin, resulting in a rash or a lingering acetic smell. Cue – Erb. Thailand’s Erb is a luxury brand that was started by one of the nation’s …

“Shiny like a star” | Hand-made road side jewelry

Kyoto, Japan. I saw a お爺さん (Ojīsan / senior citizen), in the cold, on the floor… weaving wire. I can’t recall what made me stop, but there was something in the way he sat; a level of concentration that demanded I come over. I remember I didn’t have the correct change and almost walked away. I’m glad I didn’t. Now when I look back, I’m grateful that he wasn’t offended and agreed to sell it to me anyway, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this: I’ll admit I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was cold, hungry and desperate to get indoors. It sat in the bottom of my backpack till about a week ago, but seeing it now… it’s magical.