Month: February 2013

The troops are in… well almost

The weathers been great. So I’m great. Never thought the sky could be so blue in London. I picked this from the garden. Some poor, some neglected but still oh-so-tasty stragglers from my veg and salad patch. Also: My chicken house is here! Its only meant for two large ones, so I decided to start with quails. More updates to follow… I’m going to spend today basking in the sunshine

Overzealous much?

Someone said that growing too early is a big no no. That same person also said that a south-facing windowsill is optimal for growth. That person was wrong. At least that’s what I’m going to tell ‘them’ when my super-optimal-early-sowing-spectacular is a success.  I can’t rely on the seed packets to tell me when to sow, because you and I both know that last year they were all wrong. Nevertheless I took production to a whole new level. Aubergines, peppers, salad leaves, onions, leeks… the lot. Staggered sowings obviously, but enough to enough that even though they’ll be a little bit on the leggy side. This summer won’t pass without a glut. I say be brave what you got to lose.


I started this blog with so much gusto, set out agendas and ideas of what I wanted to fill it with. I even badgered a few people to get their own. But in the end I did what everyone who has ever had a blog has done. I abandoned it. My poor baby has now been floating in cyberspace unattended, all because I was having way too much fun to sick down and nurse it. Interesting things…. interesting things…. think!   Chinese New Year and what a great year it will be, the snake brings success to all those who fall in her liar. I hope that’s me. Happy Chinese New year all.   Th snows back. To that I say ‘let’s take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while’