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The best brew this side of Bangkok | The Tea Warehouse

The latest craze to sweep Bangkok, isn’t what you’d expect… It’s tea. Christmas did come early for me. For a place that averages temperatures of 30 degrees, the demand for tea has been understandably quit thin. But imagine my absolute elation when I started seeing roadside sellers selling great tasting hot and cold tea blends at a fraction of the usual price. As expected, I’ve been sampling as many as I can stomach, but this would have to be the best brand I’ve come across. I discovered them at a weekend fair. Bangkok is know for it’s numerous weekend fairs and markets. I stumbled upon the tea warehouse at one such event, held in Siam. Greatest find ever! You can take their delightful tea blends home and make them for yourself. Meanwhile, back at Casa el Zipporah, I’m just about finishing my third bottle of the stuff. It’s safe to say: I’m hooked! You can find them on: If I were you, I’d stay away, they’re devilishly good, and dangerously moreish. Enjoy.

“…you can’t take the London out of the girl…” | Why I am addicted to my tea addiction

I recently starred in my first ever feature-length movie. Yay! And by starred, what I really mean is, I drank in one large gulp, my three whole seconds of fame. It was glorious. There was a closeup, I had lines, a runner, and both the director and the star, Daniel Auteul, complimented me on my acting skills. For someone who grew up attending drama summer schools and camps, calling it an ego boost would certainly be an understatement. I bathed in the glory of it all. So what if I may never be the next Lupita Nyong’o, but on that day, with the camera on my face, everyone on set waiting on me; I was elation personified. A girl can dream. As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was to reach for the kettle; I made a beeline for the teabags. I take tea time like it’s a business. Scratch that, it’s a sport. Our national sport. You have to know the players, understand the rules and take time to appreciate the camaraderie of it all. It’s …