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A hidden gem… Asoke Market

You’d miss it if

Don’t try and fool me with fish

In England cod reigns supreme. Deep fried and battered.  Yet, with the decline of both cod and the local fish’n’chip shop, you could be fooled to thinking otherwise. I used to work at, what can only be described as, an over-glorified fish and chip restaurant, in the heart of London. I was a receptionist-slash-waitress-slash-verbal-punching-bag for management. It’s still there today. Its almost become an institution. God help us. Local business men with meetings, high society types  and foreign travelers, would all descend on the place, seeking (supposedly) ‘the best fish and chips experience’ in London. But for £15 and upwards, not including service charge for extras. You can get stuffed. I don’t mean that in the happy go lucky “eat till your full” way. I mean it in the classic, “even if I had gold dripping out of my nose, I still wouldn’t” way. In the whole time I had worked there, I had tried it once. Seeing how they mostly fed us overcooked pasta and some rice (I was forever bloated), you can imagine the built-up anticipation, before that very first bite.. …

Bangkok Discoveries #2: Koji Suzuki and the Sushi that Saved Me

[Updated 11/07/2015 : I have since been informed that Koji’s place in Ekkamai has shut down. I’ve contacted Koji and am waiting to find out more] My head is on fire and my nose is runny, but were it not for the kindness of the owner of 男の割, Koji Suzuki, I would not have had the strength to write this. Dramatic much? Wait until you hear the story, then judge. Over the last couple of days, you could say that I’d been enjoying myself a little bit too much. But who could blame me, my German had come to see me. Long distance relationships are hard, and they don’t get easier just because you’re married. Anyway, long story short, I found myself on the wrong side of Tuesday, (now feeling) sick, alone in my tiny apartment and with nothing in my fridge but broccoli and a rather generous bunch of mint leaves. I made a soothing tea with the mint, had the broccoli steamed with some rice, but before I could go out to restock my supplies, …