Month: December 2014

Once upon a time in Tempura

We were waiting for a train and I was hungry. I can’t emphasize how important that fact was, because I turn into a psychopath when I am hungry. Its irrational, I know, but I have always been afraid that one day (through my own negligence or some fluke of a missed meal), I’d starve to death. I’m a tinderbox of neuroses, and this is just another one of them. I become what I like to call Hangry. hungry + angry = Hangry (the capital h has to stay because, to me, it is ‘another person’). We went into a small restaurant on the train tracks and that’s when I met her. Originally I was in disbelief that anyone could be so crispy. You know those plastic versions of restaurant food? The kind that they put in shiny display boxes to entice customers? Well, she was there, tooting her tempuraness like a fluffed hen. One look and I knew. Served with a side of light soy sauce and some toasted green tea, Hangry ran away.

Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake

When it comes to cake, there’s not really much to say really. You either love it or hate it. Or hate it because you’re, well… crazy. I’m disappointed and ashamed to say that my German, is one such non-believer. He has his reasons.  Too much apfelstrudel can cloud the mind. His aunt was, and actually still is, a prolific cake baker. With no one to try out her medleys, she turned to her niece and nephews. Again and again and again. You would think it was every child’s dream to try lots of different cakes, almost everyday for months on end? Apparently not. They never quite recovered from the shock of ‘cake testing’. But still… Even faced with such evidence, I can’t be diplomatic about this. Unless you’re suffering from gingival hyperplasia, or any other such strange gum swallowing disease, cake is always an option. As the wise old saying goes: Only fools fall foul of… cake! Ok, so maybe I made that up. But it does sound ancient and wise, no? And so it should be, ancient …

Life is like a Bento Box

So I bet you’re going to call me out on the fact that I said I wasn’t going to blog? Although the season and spirit of Christmas still hangs in the air, for me, its over. I think its time to get back to doing what I love. So far, every moment of this trip has been amazing. Tokyo… Hakone… now Kyoto. It would be a crying shame to selfishly keep all that I have seen and learned to myself.  This picture is a taste of what lunch is like in Hakone for a mere £9 you can eat like… that! Did I mention there was roasted tea on tap? In my usual hyperbloic tone: Its really rewritten everything I ever thought about taste, nature and… well… stuff. Blog. A. Blog. A. Blog The cogs in my head won’t stop turning, urging me to over-share. I’ve got that New Years’ feeling and the compulsion to dive into nostalgia and reflect, like I was staring in my own version of Melancholia, has gripped me. I’d hazard a …

Because… stressed spelled backwards is desserts

All the packing, planning and pondering is finally coming to a head. I’m off to Japan. Yay. I think. I doubt anyone will understand how much this means to me. This trip has been my bucket list for close to 15 years. Whilst all my friends were dreaming of owning a car, or even going off to Ibiza, I wanted to see China and Japan. This rocky week has been full of sleepless nights, tearful outbursts and a resurgence of my teenage acne. Great! The anticipation is killing me. For the last four days, I’ve been fighting the urge to chomp down on all manner of evils. Its actually come to the point where I’ve placed a ban on certain items.  Suddenly things I clearly would never normally eat look tantalizingly appealing to me. I’m practically there now. Yay! So as a compromise, I’ve decided to make myself a treat. A sweet treat. Its called Chin Chin and its a West African snack. When I was a kid, my aunt would always give us chin chin to take home with us. …

Herby Salmon Fish Cakes

Originally posted on The Travelling Pantry:
These tasty little morsels are great as a special/weekend breakfast, healthy lunch or wholesome starter. I make breadcrumbs out of any leftover white bread from the weekend and process with lemon zest, seasoning and whatever herbs I have at the time – these are perfect for this type of dish. As you’ll need to buy parsley and dill, there will be enough left (presuming you buy in bunches) to make a spring pesto or with a little white wine, chopped cherry tomatoes and extra salmon –  you have a great little pasta dish for the evening or day after. I’ll be making these plenty throughout my life, they tick all the boxes you’d want a fish cake to tick – so flavoursome, chunky bits of salmon, soft and fluffy with herbed crumbs encasing the delicate treasure within. Mix up the herbs, if you have chives or any leftovers, these should also work nicely. Ingredients – Makes 3 large-ish cakes, could serve 4 as a starter 260g floury potatoes 200g…

Listlessly Listing

I’ve had one hell of  a weekend. It’s as if the fast approach of 2015 has incensed me to run myself into the ground. I’ve made lists upon lists of things I want to achieve. Even Santa couldn’t give me all the things I want. They’re not material things. Heavens no. They’re things I know will only come from sweat on my brow and lots of hours of work. Knowing that just makes the tasks ahead more daunting. My body can’t keep up with my mind. I’ve spent the last two days tasting, walking, talking and chomping down on just about everything put in front of me. What a weekend! Sunday rolled by and I’ve more or crashed. Hard. But there’s still so much more to do. I really couldn’t take running around like a headless chicken anymore and so vowed to leave the apartment for water only. That was until I saw this: The strange magical and ever so sweet aroma of coconuts drew me in. I asked, and found out it called Khanom Buang. It is …

The Dog’s Bollocks

The bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas. This dog has it all. I’ve always loved animals in get up. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

She was born on a Sunday market

I was actually born on a Saturday. That’s what my maiden name means in my mother’s language. Apt then, that I should have an unnatural love for markets. I’m always there, they should be the lifeblood of our lives. I take these sights and sounds any day over Tesco (no offence Tesco).   Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

My Loy Krathong Weekend 2014

A festive weekend. There was food. Temple walks… And a goat (naturally) If you’d like to see how my weekend panned out, please visit my new  vlog on Youtube. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on shedoesliving. Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.