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Where there’s tea, there’s me| Singapore Edition

You know I had to.


If you can resist, then you're a better man/woman that I ever was.

If you know me well, you’d know that nothing comes in between me and a good cuppa.
It’s a disease that I’m loath to shake, on account of how satisfying it all is.

So of course, on this little break to Singapore, I just had to have some.

Singapore is a magical blend of the English stiff upper lip, and Asia’s relaxed, cool style.
It’s East meets West, meets East again, and I can’t find fault in this place.
You either love it or hate it, but to those who’ve lived in any of the bustling and zany metropolises of SE Asia – Singapore doesn’t quite feel like Asia.
It feels like Asia 2.0.
It’s ordered, it’s pristine, and the food on offer will satisfy even the most fussiest and choosiest of eaters. There’s something for every budget but I decided to have a blowout.


Your average food court here has about 30+ different styles and types of food.

In a previous life, I must have been a chai wallah, or some sort, because I’m drawn to the brew like my livelihood depends on it.

I went to the Fullerton Bay Hotel’s very own Clifford pier and decided to try my hand at high tea, with a Singaporean twist.


It begins with buns

Not your average cucumber or egg-mayo sarnies, this high tea incorporates all that makes Singapore unique.
The country is made up of Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians, so it really didn’t surprise me that the provender incorporated all that – and then some.
The Pork Kong Ba Bao is a devilishly sticky and sweet slice heaven. This lovely little pockets braised pork belly is wrapped in the fluffiest Chinese bun.

I won’t waffle on too much. Just take a look and judge for yourself.


The menu was created by the famous Singaporean chef Shermay Lee.

My other favourite was the Bak Kwa jam sandwich (far right), of which I had quite a few helpings. Served on the classic roti bread, the diced texture and the sweet charcoal stickiness still makes my mouth water. I also particularly loved the Nonya Chicken Curry roti.

The live jazz music serenaded me as I ate enough to satiate a small standing army.


It's an all-you-can-eat-buffet type shindig, but with style.

Another delicious bite worth mentioning was the Nonya Chicken roti. Based on the Lee’s grandmother’s chicken curry recipe, it’s absolutely divine. The chicken is succulently tender, rolls in the tongue and moreishly fragrant.


This rose ice tea is to die for.

It was a lovely affair, music, ambience and crammed full of tasty delights. For those looking for familiar faces, there were also freshly baked traditional English scones. My favourite were the buttermilk scones with roselle jam.
Oh my lord it was good.
So good that I must confess, I pocketed one for the road.
We all do it. Don’t judge me.

Clifford Pier Restaurant, 
Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore, 
(Marina Bay)

The heritage afternoon tea runs from: 
Mondays to Saturdays, 3.30pm to 5.30pm
$45.00++ per person


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