Month: July 2015

China Town | Penang Edition

[ So I’m still sifting through and uploading ] Oh China Town. If there’s one, you can bet I’ll be there. I’m obsessed with all things Chinese. To this day I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint why I love China. I just do. China Town The little things always catch my eye. This may just be the coolest bike shop ever. Penang is littered with historical Chinese temples. Up close, they’re just as impressive. I couldn’t make this in a million years. It’s so beautiful. The smell of incense is everywhere. Most people might not find this newsworthy, but hand made pots aren’t something I encounter everyday. Gone are the lavenders and the hollyhocks, not even a primrose in sight. Instead I see Calendulas, asters and water lilies. This is a homage for the owner’s mother. Love lives!

Courting my taste buds | A light lunch at Chulia Court, Penang

Chulia Court  | 355, 357 & 359 Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Contact  | China House Price  | Main, dessert and a cocktail for 1 –  70 MYR approx When visiting Penang, two things are certain: – You can’t go to George Town and miss out Chulia (and by extension Love Lane). – You can’t walk up and down the aforementioned streets and miss out Chulia Court (or Five27 as it’s now called). With it’s olio of flavours, ingredients and influences; this restaurant is sure to impress anyone bold enough to step through its doors. Like everything else in Penang, it plays to the beat of its drum and makes a bold play on traditional and much loved Peranakan ingredients, but with a Eurocentric twist. I went for lunch. Poultry: Confit duck, braised young jackfruit, sweet potato and roasted garlic mousseline, watercress and nutmeg relish. With a name like that. How could anyone compete? Although only a page and a bit, the names of the dishes on the menu were quite lengthy. I’m always joking around with the fact …