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Lookeast Magazine: Southern Thai Food

I love the spicy! So imagine my amazement when I visited Southern Thailand and found that some of their dishes matched my mother’s in spiciness. It made me think of home. However, the deep South of Thailand is sadly an area that many are too afraid to actually visit. Places like Pattani and Songkhla are plagued with political turmoil and factionalism, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the experience of such a rich and exciting cuisine… For the full copy of the magazine, follow the link to the Lookeast’s website. Words and Photographs (on article) by Zipporah Gene ©Copyright 2012 Advertising & Media Consultants Co., Ltd. A Part of The Sehgal Group

Bangkok Post: Swissôtel Le Concorde

Zipporah Gene heads off-the-beaten track for a fabulous five star taste of the festive season, sans the painfully hefty price tag, at the Swissôtel Le Concorde’s 204 Bistro & Bar   For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. And so that concludes my publications for Christmas and New Year’s. As well as making some really good friends, I have to say that I really enjoyed every second of it. My waistline is in need of some tough love but, judging by all the pictures, you’ll all agree with me that it was worth it. Words and Photographs (on article) by Zipporah Gene © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved  

“Eastern Treats” | A taste of the crème de la crème of Thai perfumery

It seems a world away, when I was working at one of London’s most iconic stores, Liberty. To this day, it is still one of my favorite places to be. The bustling counter of La Labo was just an eyeshot away, so its not hard to see how: surrounded by pure unadulterated luxury, sophistication and class; I used to wonder what it would be like to have my very own bespoke scent. It is very rare for me to find a perfume that fits. Not only am I extremely choosy, but I guess you could say that I am old school, in the sense that I believe that fragrances should be personal. I never quite understood how or why people would choose to wear some of the concoctions out there, just because it was a famous brand or endorsed by a particular celebrity. That, and I find that many fragrances disagree with my skin, resulting in a rash or a lingering acetic smell. Cue – Erb. Thailand’s Erb is a luxury brand that was started by one of the nation’s …

Bangkok Discoveries #3: Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

I’m baack. Back to Bangkok. What a journey! Japan has just effortlessly made its way to the top of my list. It is my new heaven on earth.  We all dream of escaping to some beach side retreat, but even beaches can get boring. Trust me on this one, spending much needed ‘me’ time can quickly turn into hell on earth; once your kindle decides to give up the ghost and abandon you mid chapter. What happens when you crave the company of others? What happens when you want to experience unsullied and pristine nature, but at the same time still be connected to society? What happens when you get sick of being gawked at by everyone, and just want to perform simple tasks without the staring, the inane giggling and shouting? That’s right. You go to Japan. This isn’t a jab at Thailand, and I’m not going to get all political, but the two weeks I just spent in Japan has showed me just much I put up with here in Thailand. It has showed me …

Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake

When it comes to cake, there’s not really much to say really. You either love it or hate it. Or hate it because you’re, well… crazy. I’m disappointed and ashamed to say that my German, is one such non-believer. He has his reasons.  Too much apfelstrudel can cloud the mind. His aunt was, and actually still is, a prolific cake baker. With no one to try out her medleys, she turned to her niece and nephews. Again and again and again. You would think it was every child’s dream to try lots of different cakes, almost everyday for months on end? Apparently not. They never quite recovered from the shock of ‘cake testing’. But still… Even faced with such evidence, I can’t be diplomatic about this. Unless you’re suffering from gingival hyperplasia, or any other such strange gum swallowing disease, cake is always an option. As the wise old saying goes: Only fools fall foul of… cake! Ok, so maybe I made that up. But it does sound ancient and wise, no? And so it should be, ancient …

My Loy Krathong Weekend 2014

A festive weekend. There was food. Temple walks… And a goat (naturally) If you’d like to see how my weekend panned out, please visit my new  vlog on Youtube. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on shedoesliving. Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

Meat Bone Soup and other wild concoctions

My birthday was everything I could have wanted. Just me and the German lapping up the sun, sea and sand. Oh Singapore. If all goes right, next year, my blogs will be written somewhere from that glorious city-state. One reason (hopefully not my main one) is that Singaporeans know their soups. You’ve never had a good broth till you’ve tried one in Singapore. Singaporean cuisine has Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese and Western influences. It is a melting pot of cultures, and what a sweet sweet gumbo they’ve made. As soon as the warm wetness of Bak Kut Teh, or meat bone tea (if you translate it directly from the Chinese: 肉骨茶) hit my lips. I was hooked. So hooked that every night, we’d go a-searching for my next fix. Happy birthday to me and here’s to hoping that I will live a long and fulfilled life, full of more surprise tastes and more delicious smells, such as this. I’d like to share my taste of Singapore with you: Chicken Bak Kut Teh / Chik Kut Teh Ingredients 1 pack of Bah …