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She was born on a Sunday market

I was actually born on a Saturday. That’s what my maiden name means in my mother’s language. Apt then, that I should have an unnatural love for markets. I’m always there, they should be the lifeblood of our lives. I take these sights and sounds any day over Tesco (no offence Tesco).   Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

Thinking is a terrible crime

I have that Saturday morning feeling. But not the good kind. Is there such a things as a good kind? For me it involves restlessly replaying thoughts in your head, to the point where you feel as if you’re going to wind up on the weekend news as a shocking case of spontaneous combustion. There only one thing for it… eat. “Let food be thy medicine…” I’m not the kind of person that ‘eats her feelings’ (that’s a lie), but I do believe that tastes have magical power. Just like a little electricity can alter brain signals, why not salsa? For me, it’s the sour and salty tastes, that can kick-start my batteries. It’s an Oriental take on the simple salsa. You actually have quite a bit of left over teriyaki, which is perfecte, because you can store it for later and use it with your chips. What’s that you say? Teriyaki and chips! Eugh? Well I say nicht. You sir, haven’t lived till you’ve had fish and chip with teriyaki sauce. Yumm. Move over vinegar. I like …