Month: January 2013

new camera

The snows gone and now we’re in for the wet one. On the one side I would say I missed the picturesque softness that it gave East London, for a while. On the other I say, ‘shucks to you frosty, move on up so I can get a-planting’. Either way, I have a brand spanking new digital slr and besides the basics I have no idea how to use it. I figured once I got one, me and it would mindmeld and I would know all of its secrets within. It didn’t. The manuals great, but I don’t do manuals. I’m a live on the edge kind of girl. Here’s my photo… (see above) Through the tried and tested age old method of ‘cock-up to grow-up’ (pardon my french). I will succeed! みましょうがんばります[let’s work hard] Oooo and I discovered this: She’s really good in a ‘i’m envious’ kind of way. But that being said, check it out! You won’t regret it

housebound doesn’t mean bored

Having woke up this morning  on the wrong side of beauty,  puffy eyes,  swollen glands and   pain in my legs that made me wonder if I was already late in placing an order for a zimmer-frame. I decided  to do something. Not the usual song and dance of fluids, writhing in pain, but with that oh-so-obvious glee that I get to miss lectures.  My objectives for the day were going to be set, checked and completed. Rambostyle.  I should just oubliez vos douleurs and do something purposeful. I have a theory… *drifts off* Oh yeah, this theory is that maybe just maybe I should show seeds earlier this year. Anti-climax or what? But seriously joking aside, the weather in the UK last year meant that the plants that I had either died or were washed away, by what I can only describe as rainfall of biblical proportions. So I thought to hell with the fact that its January, I’m going to sow February plants. Foolish you say? Well we shall see. So far so good, except… …

So many things… so little time

I’ve always had an issue with blogs. The stopping, the starting, content, the assumption that your actions are significant enough to talk about to the internet at large. However that being said, it is a motivator… I will start simple, be direct but promise to find ways to do, share and show that you can do ponsy fun but wholesome things on a budget. From gardening to hoarding to exciting walks along the English countryside, this is my blog of everything English, from a not so-typically English girl. I hope you enjoy it. Love Always