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Lookeast Magazine: Southern Thai Food

I love the spicy! So imagine my amazement when I visited Southern Thailand and found that some of their dishes matched my mother’s in spiciness. It made me think of home. However, the deep South of Thailand is sadly an area that many are too afraid to actually visit. Places like Pattani and Songkhla are plagued with political turmoil and factionalism, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the experience of such a rich and exciting cuisine… For the full copy of the magazine, follow the link to the Lookeast’s website. Words and Photographs (on article) by Zipporah Gene ©Copyright 2012 Advertising & Media Consultants Co., Ltd. A Part of The Sehgal Group

Bangkok Post: Swissôtel Le Concorde

Zipporah Gene heads off-the-beaten track for a fabulous five star taste of the festive season, sans the painfully hefty price tag, at the Swissôtel Le Concorde’s 204 Bistro & Bar   For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. And so that concludes my publications for Christmas and New Year’s. As well as making some really good friends, I have to say that I really enjoyed every second of it. My waistline is in need of some tough love but, judging by all the pictures, you’ll all agree with me that it was worth it. Words and Photographs (on article) by Zipporah Gene © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved  

Bangkok Post: Anantara’s Biscotti

There was a slight hiccup in this article. I wrote it. These things happen, but luckily I always put my name on the blurb…. Veterans to the Bangkok food scene will know of it, newcomers should definitely try it… Zipporah Gene pays a visit to a dazzling enduring Italian gem, in the heart of Bangkok For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. Words and Photographs (on article) by Zipporah Gene © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

Bangkok Post: Royal Orchid Sheraton

In need of some true Christmas spirit, Zipporah Gene heads to the Royal Orchid Sheraton, for a taste of their Christmas cheer.  All the glitzy and the glamourous aside, Christmas, for me, really boils down to a good meal, in a great area, surrounded by fantastic people. Seeing as how this is my first Christmas in Bangkok, I was finding it a bit difficult to reconcile 30++ degree heat with all the bells and whistles that you expect from Santa. So imagine my surprise when I visited the lovely ladies and darling Chef who work at Royal Orchid Sheraton. Not only did they have such a beautiful spread, they made me feel at home. It’s not often that I leave a review feeling like I’ve made friends, but I definitely had this with these. It feels like a real family affair and that’s why I’d definitely recommend this place for a lost lamb, like me. For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. Words and Photographs (featured above) by Zipporah Gene © …

Bangkok Post: Yamazato at The Okura Prestige

Simple, elegant and insanely delicious…Zipporah Gene makes her pilgrimage, for a culinary adventure in the elite art of Kaiseki cuisine My obsession with 日本料理 (nihonryōri/ Japanese food) stretches further back than I can even remember. I love the care, I love the attention to detail, I’m enthralled by the maddening meticulousness. It’s often likened to haute cuisine, but I believe that it’s in a league all of its own. When I found out that I’d be trying the world famous dishes from Yamazato, I practically wet myself with excitement. The experience proved beyond my expectation and only served to deepen my love for Kaiseki cuisine. It’s on my list of things I want to try my hand at, even if I will only ever scratch the surface. For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. Words and photographs by Zipporah Gene. © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

Courting my taste buds | A light lunch at Chulia Court, Penang

Chulia Court  | 355, 357 & 359 Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Contact  | China House Price  | Main, dessert and a cocktail for 1 –  70 MYR approx When visiting Penang, two things are certain: – You can’t go to George Town and miss out Chulia (and by extension Love Lane). – You can’t walk up and down the aforementioned streets and miss out Chulia Court (or Five27 as it’s now called). With it’s olio of flavours, ingredients and influences; this restaurant is sure to impress anyone bold enough to step through its doors. Like everything else in Penang, it plays to the beat of its drum and makes a bold play on traditional and much loved Peranakan ingredients, but with a Eurocentric twist. I went for lunch. Poultry: Confit duck, braised young jackfruit, sweet potato and roasted garlic mousseline, watercress and nutmeg relish. With a name like that. How could anyone compete? Although only a page and a bit, the names of the dishes on the menu were quite lengthy. I’m always joking around with the fact …

It all ends at Enzo’s | Sushi at Khao Lak’s finest

Enzo  | Takua Pa, 62/2 Moo 5, Bang Niang Beach Road Kukkhak Contact  | Enzo Price  | A good meal with wine, around 700B ; the Enzo degustation menu (recommended) 1500B pp There are some places where time stands still. For a brief moment, something slices through the humdrum of modernity, pulls you by the ear and makes you stop and feel. You don’t have to be a foodie to experience it, but let’s just say that it’s akin to an out of body experience. Cue Enzo. An empyrean getaway amidst the lesser claptrap that heralds the way to Bang Niang beach. The location doesn’t exactly scream fine dining, but I had been told it was an unmissable experience. Oh yeah? We shall see. In the past, with the exception of the traditional Thai food, I’ve been quite disappointed at the provender available on the islands. So the thought of yet another Japanese restaurants, didn’t exactly tickle my fancy. After all, why would anyone go to all that effort to provide fresh, locally sourced and delicious food to the many tourists that would simply take whatever …