Month: December 2015

Bangkok Post: A Winter Extravaganza

I came, I saw… I ate my entire body weight in lamb. All my friends are sick to death of hearing it, but I’m awfully proud of my first ever front pager. To me, this will always be a reminder that I can do what I love, enjoy it immensely and get recognition for it. Writing is something that I feel to my core, whether it’s talking about food, travel, life or the nitty gritty of politics and identity; when I write, I am more. I got lucky and was allowed, by the lovely guys over at the Bangkok Post, to try out some of the best events that the festive season had to offer. My first assignment was the Glasshouse at Sindhorn. For the full article, follow the link to the Bangkok Post’s website. Written by Zipporah Gene © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.