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What could be more romantic | Adventures on Germany’s Famous Romantic Road

From Würzburg to Füssen and beyond… my tour along the Romantic Road.


What about Bautzen? | Exploring the heartland of Sorbic Culture

When to comes to Central Europe, my ignorance is shocking. So I went to Bautzen. The view from The Reichenturm This charming little town, with it’s cobblestone roads and spellbinding courtyards, is known as the cultural heartland of the Sorbic people. Sorbs are Slavic people of Central Europe. I have heard about them in Dresden (which also has signs in German and Sorbic), but unfortunately all I know of them is that they speak a language quite similar to Polish and Czech. Located on the Spree river, this quaint hill-top town has an impressive, well preserved medieval town centre. The farmer’s market was out in full force on my visit. But I was sorely disappointed to have not bumped into anyone wearing chain mail. All jokes aside, I really do believe that East Germany has an abundance of culture and history, beyond that of the GDR and the Cold Waresque architecture. Bautzen is proof. The cobblestones reeked havoc on my heels. Most people know Bautzen because of its delectable mustard. A quick trip, and some much needed tasting showed me exactly why …