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What is Indonesian Jamu? … Jamu who?

A quick and simple recipe on how to make the famous Indonesian health tonic, Jamu.


Juice Challenge

My 14 Day Juice Challenge Watching all the youtube videos, I decided to give the whole ‘juice cleanse‘ a try.  Health nuts rave on about it, so I figured I might as well dabble. After all why would someone say something works, when it doesn’t? Of course I am a skeptic from the onset. Panning through various sites it would appear that this whole juicing thing is, as with everything else, an industry. Countless site can send you pre-made juices, all claiming to resolve all manner of ailments. Ha! Their ingredients are all pretty much similar, so why the hefty price tag? Organic. Yes. Concentration of goodies. I get that too…. But still. There remains a sour taste in my mouth when I think of forking out $75 dollars a day for juice. Just juice. I’ll do it. And in true Zipporah-style there’ll be a catch. I have decided to replace breakfast with a juice. But one that I make for myself (von mir für mich). The market near me offers plenty of ultra cheap produce, that …