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“Shiny like a star” | Hand-made road side jewelry

Kyoto, Japan. I saw a お爺さん (Ojīsan / senior citizen), in the cold, on the floor… weaving wire. I can’t recall what made me stop, but there was something in the way he sat; a level of concentration that demanded I come over. I remember I didn’t have the correct change and almost walked away. I’m glad I didn’t. Now when I look back, I’m grateful that he wasn’t offended and agreed to sell it to me anyway, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this: I’ll admit I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was cold, hungry and desperate to get indoors. It sat in the bottom of my backpack till about a week ago, but seeing it now… it’s magical. Advertisements

Life is like a Bento Box

So I bet you’re going to call me out on the fact that I said I wasn’t going to blog? Although the season and spirit of Christmas still hangs in the air, for me, its over. I think its time to get back to doing what I love. So far, every moment of this trip has been amazing. Tokyo… Hakone… now Kyoto. It would be a crying shame to selfishly keep all that I have seen and learned to myself.  This picture is a taste of what lunch is like in Hakone for a mere £9 you can eat like… that! Did I mention there was roasted tea on tap? In my usual hyperbloic tone: Its really rewritten everything I ever thought about taste, nature and… well… stuff. Blog. A. Blog. A. Blog The cogs in my head won’t stop turning, urging me to over-share. I’ve got that New Years’ feeling and the compulsion to dive into nostalgia and reflect, like I was staring in my own version of Melancholia, has gripped me. I’d hazard a …