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Nothing rhymes with Buffalo Wings

A simple guilt free version of a great tasting classic. These spicy baked Buffalo wings are perfect for movie nights in.


C is for… Chili

Some days I want to pack in all in, and get on the first flight back to London. I’m loath to admit it, but I am still that very same petulant teenager that used to sew buttons and badges onto her blazer, in protest of the over-strict (and to this day foolish) uniforms policy. I am chaos at its best. Now, however, the grown up, more mature version of me, has more sway and is finally able to calm me down. Let’s just say that I had an incident two days ago, that stung my already fragile sense of self. It reminded me of how much I stuck out here, that I may never assimilate, but more importantly, that I may never fit in; the way I want. My first reaction, and one we are all familiar with, was to flee or at least plan my escape. There are very few times when I think my stubbornness is a good trait, but this is one of them, because my next reaction was along the lines of: So …