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Nothing rhymes with Buffalo Wings

A simple guilt free version of a great tasting classic. These spicy baked Buffalo wings are perfect for movie nights in.


Because… stressed spelled backwards is desserts

All the packing, planning and pondering is finally coming to a head. I’m off to Japan. Yay. I think. I doubt anyone will understand how much this means to me. This trip has been my bucket list for close to 15 years. Whilst all my friends were dreaming of owning a car, or even going off to Ibiza, I wanted to see China and Japan. This rocky week has been full of sleepless nights, tearful outbursts and a resurgence of my teenage acne. Great! The anticipation is killing me. For the last four days, I’ve been fighting the urge to chomp down on all manner of evils. Its actually come to the point where I’ve placed a ban on certain items.  Suddenly things I clearly would never normally eat look tantalizingly appealing to me. I’m practically there now. Yay! So as a compromise, I’ve decided to make myself a treat. A sweet treat. Its called Chin Chin and its a West African snack. When I was a kid, my aunt would always give us chin chin to take home with us. …