Year: 2015

What you don’t know about condo | Bangkok Edition

For those who follow me on my Youtube Channel, you’ll know that I used to live in a condo. Click the video below to watch a my old condo tour: Now although it’s been fun living that luxe lifestyle, I can safely, positively say that condos are definitely not my thing. While most people here boast of apartments on the 20th or (insert random shudder here) the 30th floor, I’ve always wanted to live as close to the ground as possible. I want to be able to wake up every morning, cup of tea in tow and step out into a garden and smell the roses (so to speak). In their defence, condos are convenient. They usually come with a swimming pool, a gym and amenities that apartments in the UK, only dare to dream of. They range from £100 – a gazillion, but for every budget, you can be there’ll be a condo to suit your taste and budget. Unlike in London, Bangkok seems to have an oversupply, and so you can really pick where you want to live, …

Tea, Tempeh and Temples | Ubud, Bali

My time in Bali was spiritual – to say the least. For all you weary travelers, I recommend you come stay awhile and rejuvenate in Ubud. I’m not one for nightclubs or endless discotheques, so the few days I spent in Kuta felt like internment. That’s not to say that Kuta didn’t have it’s charms, but my heart shudders at the thought of travelling nearly 8,000 miles to spend my days in the likes of Zara, WHSmith and M&S. To a seasoned traveller like myself, globalisation is starting to feel like a curse. A lot of places in SE Asia are starting to look like a run-of-the-mill English high street.  That’s a topic for another conversation. Yet, in all my self-righteous despair, Ubud,  with it’s yoga retreats, rice fields and endless temples felt like a step back in time; or at least a step away from mindless commercialism. Sure, there’s a serious traffic and congestion problem, but the atmosphere felt so strange and different, I found myself marveling at the simplest things. Surrounded by rice …

The best brew this side of Bangkok | The Tea Warehouse

The latest craze to sweep Bangkok, isn’t what you’d expect… It’s tea. Christmas did come early for me. For a place that averages temperatures of 30 degrees, the demand for tea has been understandably quit thin. But imagine my absolute elation when I started seeing roadside sellers selling great tasting hot and cold tea blends at a fraction of the usual price. As expected, I’ve been sampling as many as I can stomach, but this would have to be the best brand I’ve come across. I discovered them at a weekend fair. Bangkok is know for it’s numerous weekend fairs and markets. I stumbled upon the tea warehouse at one such event, held in Siam. Greatest find ever! You can take their delightful tea blends home and make them for yourself. Meanwhile, back at Casa el Zipporah, I’m just about finishing my third bottle of the stuff. It’s safe to say: I’m hooked! You can find them on: If I were you, I’d stay away, they’re devilishly good, and dangerously moreish. Enjoy.