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The sweet sound of Singapore

It just so happened that I visited this gorgeous city for it’s 50th anniversary.


Oh and it's the year of the goat.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with holiday highlights, listicles or any such thing.
I just want to share some of the cool things I saw on yet another one of my city regular breaks.


[In pinyin: Bao3 Ta3 Jie1] I don't get to speak Chinese much in Bangkok,
so of course I jump at the chance to read and speak Chinese.


I love this mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian.
Coming from multicultural London, I always feel at home in places that
embrace difference; Singapore is definitely one of those places.


"执子之手,与子偕老" - 
For life or for death, holding your hand, and ageing with you.

Just imagine how much these two have witnessed.


The haze exasperated the pollution, but the city definitely still has its charms.


I must have walked for days, but how can you blame me? It's just fun to look.


At night, when it rains.


The city takes on a hue of its own at night, neon Chinese writing, reminding me of my days living in Shanghai.


Donation - 现代风格 - modern style


And finally, a bit of the old communist propaganda, 
I chanced upon at a bookstore.

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