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What you don’t know about condo | Bangkok Edition

For those who follow me on my Youtube Channel, you’ll know that I used to live in a condo.

Click the video below to watch a my old condo tour:

Now although it’s been fun living that luxe lifestyle, I can safely, positively say that condos are definitely not my thing.
While most people here boast of apartments on the 20th or (insert random shudder here) the 30th floor, I’ve always wanted to live as close to the ground as possible.

I want to be able to wake up every morning, cup of tea in tow and step out into a garden and smell the roses (so to speak).

In their defence, condos are convenient.
They usually come with a swimming pool, a gym and amenities that apartments in the UK, only dare to dream of. They range from £100 – a gazillion, but for every budget, you can be there’ll be a condo to suit your taste and budget.
Unlike in London, Bangkok seems to have an oversupply, and so you can really pick where you want to live, so long as you have the means.

My old condo. It's impressive alright, but give me a rundown bungalow
any day.

Bangkok, as with many other Asian metropolitan cities, has for a while now, been enveloped in a feverish frenzy to erect more and more of these modern day monoliths. They practically pop up like daisies, at a rate which, for a simpleton like me, is not only alarming, but begs the question as to just how  safe and resilient they are. Having watched two condos, right outside my very window go up, in ultra-fast speed; I remain highly dubious of the whole thing.

I’m for gardens, routine and good old fashioned propriety.

A world ago, back in the big smog that is London town, you could practically set your watch to me.
Every Sunday, I’d hop on to my rusty cerulean Raleigh and cycle to my local market. Bow in hair, wicker basket in hand, I’d spend the about an hour perusing the farmers’ produce. Then it’d be back home to sort out the coming next week’s meals, bills and give the house a good clean.
If I die and go to heaven. It probably would be just like that.
Ordered but charming.
Now that I’ve officially handed in my notice, it’s on to newer and hopefully better things.

First things first. I want quails… or chickens… or both.

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