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Don’t take away my street food | Sukhumvit 38

The sign reads Sukhumvit 38 (or in Thaisaam-zip-beht):

Bangkok is full of food vendours.

Sukhumvit 38.1

Sweet beans, Cendol and the likes...

They sell just about everything off altered motorcycles, food stalls and now there are even more and more food trucks to be seen, around town; you name it, they have it.
So imagine my surprise when my I found out that favourite food haunt on Sukhumvit 38 was closing down to make way for luxury condominiums.

Sukhumvit 38.2

This place is basically an institution.

How could they?

AAAAAARRGGGGHHHH! Not another condo!
Bangkok is obsessed with condos. They’re tall, match boxes, that are usually just overpriced. I’ve lived in one for over a year now, and although they’re convenient, they just aren’t comfortable.
Everyone likes to stay in hotels, but living in one, eventually gets boring.
Sukhumvit 38.6

Understandably, the vendours are not happy about being evicted from
 places that some have owned for decades.

Sukhumvit 38.5 Sukhumvit 38.4

This might just be one of the best chicken satay spots in East Bangkok.

Three months have gone by and, although it’s dwindling down to a few, for the most part, food street is still here. I like to believe that the uproar from fellow feasters, like myself, made someone change their mind. But the truth is, deep down inside, I know that this change is inevitable. I’ve taken as many pictures, eaten as much food as I can, so I guess this post is my way of preemptively saying goodbye.

DSC_0057 DSC_0064

These ladies make a mean mango sticky rice. For 80 baht
 you get pure mango perfection. I really can't bear 
the thought of not stuffing my face after a long day's slog.

The street starts to open from around 5pm, so head over yourself, before its really too late.

P.S There is a really cool and quick article in BK-magazine, about what’s good to try; I guarantee you there’s something for everyone.


  1. Ricky Gaji says

    Sad to see some vendors and families evicted to make way for cramped living, I really want try some vendors when I come to Thailand next year!🍴🍴🍴

    • There are still quite a few, but it seems like the older more local ones are being shut-down left right and center. 😦
      Don’t worry, there are still a few I know and can recommend, but this one was right on my doorstep. Haha

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