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Me, Moi Moi and My | Making Traditional African Dishes in Asia

I was told I don’t live in the present.

That could be a bad thing, but for me – it isn’t.
You see, I’m a flit flopper.
Ruled by things gone, things happening and things I’m currently scheming on.
Think Kenan and Kel meets Quantum leap and I’m somewhere in the middle. 

I made this, oh so long ago, but seeing as it’s become my occasional treat; I thought I’d share it with my trusty readers. Without further adieu, I give you:

Moi Moi / Nigerian Steamed Bean Cake

Moi Moi

Moi moi (sometimes written as moin moin) is a dish loved by all up and down the West African coast. There are so many different versions, but like a lot of our dishes, not only is it simple to make but it’s healthy and jam packed full of protein.
Like it’s beany counterpart,  Acara, it all starts with a simple base of milled black eyed beans; this dish can altered, upgraded or made vegan/vegetarian friendly.
My version is quick to make, a little bit fancy, on account of the addition of quails eggs, but worth the effort.

500 g black eyed beans
1 large red onion
1 or 2 chillies
1 buillion cube (beed, chicken, or vegetarian)
15g dried prawns – optional
10ml of oil
120 ml of tomato puree / 40ml tomato paste + 80 ml water
5tsp nutmeg
Salt – to taste

Hardboiled eggs – optional

Moi moi is predominantly made off the hob. This means that the majority of the work is achieved without the use of heat.

1. Cut your onion, so that it can be blended easily.
2. In your food processor add your beans, onion, dried prawns, chilies, bullion cube, oil, tomato puree and process till it forms a nice thick paste.
3. Place in a mixing bowl and stir to make sure there are no large pieces. It should be quite thick in consistency, but not too thick to stir. If needed, slowly add in some more water and combine.
4. Take your boiled egg and place in the center of your ramekin.
Traditionally moi moi is made in a Ume leaf, but you can use banana leaf, aluminium food storage containers etc basically anything that allows you to slowly steam your bean cake. I’ve opted to use ramekins.

5. Spoon in your bean mixture over and around your egg, and wrap carefully with cover with foil.
6. Place in a steamer or bain marie and allow to gently steam for 30 – 45 minutes. You’ll know it is done when you can put a chopstick in it and it comes out clean.

I’m serving mine with steam brown jasmine rice, and some watercress.

How would you eat yours?

If you really want to see what it looks like in the making, check out a video I made a while back about it:

Thanks for watching x


  1. Ricky Gaji says

    My mom makes the best moi moi ever haha you should try fufu, Eba and jollof rice. Glad to see you enjoy west African dishes, their very tasty and leave you satisfied!😊

    • Always!
      It’s funny but my best friend makes THE best jollof rice ever!
      When I was younger, I used to think they weren’t ‘cool’ and used to kick up a fuss, whenever my mother wanted to cook it. But now that I am older, I’m actually thankful that she would always make me watch her and help. x

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