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A hidden gem… Asoke Market

Not many people know about the little market behind Asoke’s BTS.


Bangkok's skytrain, otherwise known as the BTS,
links most places in it's major and most important road -


Once you exit the skytrain, look for this sign,

And how could you blame them? Smack in the heart of Bangkok’s metropolitan area, only a few minutes walk from designer powerhouses like Fendi and Prada, who would have guessed that a place still existed where you can still get market price produce?


Everyone knows I go gaga for the green stuff.

For an area that oozes opulence and excess, it’s really unthinkable to imagine that ‘Old Bangkok’ is still alive and kicking.


The outside looks like your regular, 
run-of-the-mill array of food sellers.

DSC_0295 DSC_0296 DSC_0297

Still not sure where it is?
Hint: it's on the opposite side of the road from the
infamous 'Soi Cowboy', entertainment district.

So much fresh produce is crammed into such a small space, and for the looks of the clientele, it’s a well kept Thai secret.


They sell only the freshest produce here.

My guide for the day, Paw, told me that a lot of the produce brought in, is sold locally to nearby food sellers and thai restaurants; with the large amount of haulers and buyer, I can see why you’d be led to believe that.


Cute cats and old ladies! I'm sold.

Next time you’re in Asoke, why don’t you poke your head in and get in on the secret.


  1. I visited this market while I was looking for a coffee shop. It is amazing, like most of the little markets around bkk. Amazing pics btw! What lense did you use?

    • Isn’t it just! Bangkok really puts London to shame when it comes to these sort of events.
      I have a Nikon D5200 and just use a bog standard Nikon 50mm lens that I take just about everywhere with me.

      Thanks for stopping by x

      • Maybe if we see something similar in London we would think the city is in decay. But seeing it in Asia is exotic and worth thousands of pics 😀 Maybe Asians take photos of our markets ..

      • Touche. ☺ I can see your point there. For me, it just has a different vibe😁 which I’m currently infatuated with, maybe I’ll sing a different tune I’m a year or so…

      • I don’t think I would ever have enough of these sceneries 😀 I have hundreds of photos from Bangkok’s markets. And next time I will take even more👍🏻

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