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India Town | Penang Edition

My time in Penang was short but sweet.
By the end of it all, I strolled through George Town like a local. I must’ve take 500 shots, in my short stay there, but I really didn’t have the heart t delete any.
So I’ll just put up a few…

India Town


Because it was Ramadan, people didn't really come out in this 
part of town till after 5.


But when they did... it was glorious...


Sweets! Sweet drinks, sweet treats, sweet meats.
I know it'll be the death of me, but I could never say no to
sugar cane juice. It reminds me too much of my childhood.


Speaking of childhoods. Am I the only one that loved the samosas on the
lunch menu in primary school? My friends mom was the dinner lady
who basically made them - these tasted exactly the same.


I had no idea what half of these things were, but I tried them all anyway.


  1. Hi Zipporah. I have never been to Penang myself. I’m a Malaysian and living the other part of it. It’s in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited Sabah. The tallest mountain is here – Mt. Kinabalu, but it was closed for climbing activities after the earthquake earlier in June. Hope you enjoy your stay here in Malaysia. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi, unfortunately I haven’t been, but I’m putting it on my list. I love hiking (not so much mountain climbing). I just googled it and it looks amazing!
      I’m only two hours away by plane, so expect to see me soon… x Thanks for stopping by. x

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