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… because toys are not just for kids | My first impression of the FitBit Charge Hr

I pride myself, on my controlled lack of self control.

Wait. What?

In an age where people seem to wantonly abandon all sensibilities, I’ve always seen myself as a sort of maverick among the bunch.
Oh! I’ll scoff down that pie, I’ll chow down on that cake. Ice cream? Sure. Why not? But then…

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

If you’re body is a temple, mine is an alter to a hedonistic God of food gluttony. I salivate at the thought of flavor. Hot, sour, spicy and sweet.
Come at me boys.

Yet, every sensible maverick knows that just because you don’t pay the piper today, doesn’t mean you’ll never get your just deserts. I’m plagued by the thought of waking up one day and finding I can’t see my legs. Not through the decay of time, or something appropriate like cataracts, but because my skinny-fat ratio has finally leveled up.
Hence my venture into fitness.
I won’t pretend that I haven’t always been active in some way or another, but when I finally hit my twenties, it became something obligatory; a means to escape from the humdrum of university life.
My mind was overworked, so my body might as well follow suit.
I did just enough to sweat but never enough to see a change.
I’ve been boring my body for too long.

Fitbit Charge Hr

[Enter FitBit]
As with any other toy, I’m evangelical in my praise of it’s prowess. I’m a kid whose just been given a toy they never even knew existed.
And I love it!
The Fitbit comes from a long line of trackers such as the Garmin and the Jawbone; all vying for our attention in the heated and pumped world of fitness. By monitoring your heart rate, sleeping patterns and eating habits (this is inputted manually), they claim to be able to provide you with enough information to improve your both your health and lifestyle.
So it’s just a glorified pedometer/heart rate monitor?
That’s exactly what I thought when I heard about it.
I doubt I’m the only person who remembers getting a pedometer from my cornflakes pack as a kid. I remember you had to collect all those tokens and send off for it. I wore it with pride all around the playground showing my friends how much fitter I was than them.

And I’d be lying if I said this was any different.

I’ve had my Fitbit for only couple of days now, and I notice how much more conscious of my movements I am. I chose this model primarily because of it’s continuous heart rate monitor, something I’ve always been curious about. But if I’m being perfectly honest, having it hasn’t really made much of a difference to me. It’s still early days I guess.
This seeming innocuous watch is a present reminder of how I need to get out and move more. It’s taken on a life of its own, urging me to take those 10,000 steps, telling me I’m possibly gorging a bit too much, even just reminding me to drink water.
What personal trainer?
The silent alarm is also godsend. Especially since all I’ve ever needed was a slight nudge, first thing in the morning to get me out of bed; so anything that does this while still looking stylish wins brownie points with me.

I’ll definitely be reviewing it more in the coming months, but so far so good. What have your experience of fitness trackers been?

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