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Take me back to… Khao Lak

I went to Khao Lak.

For those who don’t know Khao Lak… it is heaven. Located in the southern part of Thailand, this coastal Elysium is the gateway to the Similan Islands, Phuket, Phi Phi and the likes. The sands are pristine, the food devilishly delectable and the people wear smiles that would drive steam away from a sauna.

Beach Khao Lakfata morgana? Heavens no! The sand really does look like that.

In the aftermath of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, much was lost and many of the resorts had been destroyed. The tourism industry around these parts has taken quite a beating.
However, just shy over ten years on, Khao Lak’s secluded coastal resorts seems to have roared back into action. I can’t speak for how it was before the tragedy struck, but with the exception of a few handful of tsunami evacuation points and signs, there is little to no evidence of the terror that once landed on these beaches.

Navy Boat Memorial, Phang  NgaThis police boat was swept inland almost 2 kilometers  inland and serves as a reminder of the devastation witnessed upon Thailand’s southwestern shores.

The German and I stayed at the exquisite JW Marriot, as part of our anniversary celebration.
And what a celebration it was?
The weather was unceasingly glorious and the food…
Enough of my praises, why don’t I just show you the Khao Lak I saw.

Pad Thai, Khao LakSo you think you know Pad Thai? Well hop on over to Dao Thong in Phang Nga and see for yourself. We went there for lunch two days in a row. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Jungle Trail, Khao Lak
There are so many waterfalls in and around Khao Lak. Unfortunately the one near Phang Nga was dry as a bone when we got there. Nevertheless it was worth the hike, even if only just to bask in the sights and sounds of the jungle.

JW Marriot, Khao Lak
The JW Marriot offers the ‘full’ immersion into luxury Thai holidaymaking.

Sculpture @JW Marriot
 was obsessed with this beautiful sculpture. The hotel had it all down to a fine art, from the mural placed just above the bedsides, to the many ornaments littered around the room, there was a tremendous amount of, “ooing” and “aaahing” coming from the both of us.

sunset at JW MARRIOT
This is sunset, taken from just behind my deck chair. How can you resist?

If you’re interested and would like to see more, click the video below to watch my vlog on my Khao Lak adventures.


  1. Khao Lak is everything! Such a beautiful place. The Pad Thai in Busaba got me fooled, checking out yours and yep its the real deal. I’m coming for that Pad Thai soon 🙂 xx

    • Haha… so you see what I mean? Good Pad Thai in London is super hard to come by… I can’t wait to show you all of this in the flesh Bee, you’d swoon in excitement!

  2. That looks gorgeous. Haven’t been to this part of Thailand but I feel like I should. How long did you live there?

      • Thai sounds complicated. And that must be amazing to live there, but I feel I’d gain too much weight there, haha. I plan on exploring Northern Thailand next though. Can’t wait!

      • Hahah. It is so hard! I speak Chinese and a little Japanese, but Thai is a whole other animal. ^^
        The funny thing is that because the food is so delicious and so fresh and compared to England, the portions are much smaller; I found out that I was actually losing weight. It’s been a year and I still have to make sure I eat more, which of course I’m completely fine with. ^^

        Isaan is amazing. The German and I are planning on heading off to Chiang Rai for a few days next month. My favorite retreat is , if you’re ever there check them out x

      • Haha omg I forgot I actually lost a couple of water weight when I was there in January…from uhh…the unlimited amount of spicy food.

        Thanks for the recommendation! Would gladly keep that in mind. Philippines has a lot of hidden wonders, try to hit it up too while you’re in Asia 🙂

      • Salamat po ^^
        My best friend in high school was from Manila, so it’s been on my list for a looong time. Hopefully I can pay a visit to your wonderful country this year or the next… either way I’m there! ❤

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