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Why cook or bake?

As a child I loved museums.

For one, they were free!
As cities go, London is one of the best in the world for its eclectic cultural scene, but cheap it isn’t.
You could go there and marvel at humanity’s achievements. I’d go to ogle at the hand-crafted chairs, featured in the likes of the British Museum, and wonder if I could ever create something like that. I would stand in awe at the displays of embroidery, and curse my little butter fingers for only being able to clumsily stitch the buttons back on my jacket.
I was a child enthralled, filled with so many passions, that I now realize would definitely have taken many lifetimes to satisfy. Just don’t tell her that.
I still don’t know how to do any of these things. But deep down inside, I still want to.
So why haven’t I?
Well, first, I haven’t got the raw wood, in my inner-city bubble, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t have many encounters of the stuff. Now that I am in Asia, this idea looks a lot more feasible, but now the new problem would be getting my hands on the right tools…
Blah. Blah. Blah.
At this point you can see that I’m just making excuses. Its taken me so long to accept but even know that I am just simply making up excuses.

If you want to, you will.

Which leads me to baking (and cooking in general). While my inner carpenter is left starved of resources, food is something you simply cannot and shouldn’t ignore.

Whenever I meet a stranger and as the conversations progressed, I always seem to get into conversations that end with people saying:
“I can’t bake”, “baking isn’t my thing”, or even the dreaded, “I hate cooking”.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that I am a better person because I bake and cook. But I can’t always help but ask, “you love to eat don’t you?”
This usually elicits a laugh.
For me, it’s just a sad thing to hear that people don’t enjoy it. Not just because it’s something that I am head over heels passionate about, but because in my mind, eating and cooking are so inextricably linked.
The one disturbing thing I just refuse to get, is how people can (so readily and so frequently) give over the power of food to random unseen strangers.
People are always quick to bear arms against the giant agricultural companies that try to wrest power from food growers, but you never hear a peep about how we’ve (in effect) given the power to the large catering companies that supply our supermarket chains. McDonalds is bad, everyone has finally agreed on that point, but what about the meal deal down Tesco? Celebrity Chefs endorse packaged meals and lend them legitimacy in the eyes of the public, but I always wonder what in God’s name is really in them?
Too many food scares have shown us, that they (unknown faceless leaders of companies) will do anything to swell their profits. We can’t even believe them when they say something contains beef?
Trust no one.
Maybe it’s because I grew up in a household that believed that every single meal should be made at home. Or maybe it’s because I lived in China for a bit; a country known for its food scares, which regularly result in multiple deaths.
I’m generally just very weary about who I hand over my life to.
This sound melodramatic but if you’ve ever had food poisoning travelling solo in a weird country, where you couldn’t speak the language, you’ll know I am not joking.

I’m not even judging those people who absolutely hate cooking (we all have something we detest). I’m just baffled by those who willfully refuse to try.

Rather than criticize. I do hope to help.
This blog will hopefully show you a few lazy day recipes and help you along your love-hate relationship to food.

Baby steps and tiny little changes are all anyone can really ask for.

I found an interesting video on the subject, watch it:

[Edited from 5th October 2014]

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