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Bangkok Discoveries #3: Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

I’m baack.
Back to Bangkok.
What a journey!
Japan has just effortlessly made its way to the top of my list.

It is my new heaven on earth. 

We all dream of escaping to some beach side retreat, but even beaches can get boring.
Trust me on this one, spending much needed ‘me’ time can quickly turn into hell on earth; once your kindle decides to give up the ghost and abandon you mid chapter.
What happens when you crave the company of others?
What happens when you want to experience unsullied and pristine nature, but at the same time still be connected to society?
What happens when you get sick of being gawked at by everyone, and just want to perform simple tasks without the staring, the inane giggling and shouting?
That’s right. You go to Japan.

This isn’t a jab at Thailand, and I’m not going to get all political, but the two weeks I just spent in Japan has showed me just much I put up with here in Thailand.
It has showed me that there are still such places on earth where my skin color isn’t a problem (or even if it is) people are just too polite and reserved to make me aware of it.
I know. The issue of race always makes people uncomfortable, but it is my reality, especially living in Asia.
I bet you’d feel uncomfortable too, if border control took one look at you and started “checking” you for Ebola in front of all the other passengers. Nobody even bothered to look at my passport, you know, to see whether or not I had actually been to an Ebola region.
Just to clarify, East London is not an Ebola region, no matter how dingy it may look sometimes. It just isn’t.

Where was I? Oh yes, Thailand. There is one thing I cannot fault here and that is… the good food.
Thailand has oodles of it.
I don’t mean the instant and oh-so-greasy gratification, that awaits you on every street corner. I mean the kind of food that fills your soul with a sense of purpose. The kind of food that has you leaving the restaurant, with a smile still on your face. The kind of freshness that makes you ignore all the effing troubles that life may present you.
Its a drug, I tell you.

And here’s my newest addition. Its called Rasayana Retreat and it is a Spa slash retreat slash slice of nirvana; in this concrete mess of a city.
Rasayana serves alive, fresh, raw food, that is just fabulous in every single way.

My German is a meat eater, an Über carnivore.
The man can eat meat. And man do I love watching him in action.
My dragging him along was bound to raise a few moans.

It did.

He winged all the way there (and then some).
But when the food came, you’ll be glad to know that he enjoyed it and so did I.
I won’t claim that he’s now converted to raw fooding and has eaten his last slice of seared picanha for the last time. But I could tell that he appreciated the new flavors that they brought before us.
It’s a start, I guess.
We had the raw Hawaiian pizza, the pesto pasta, the shakes and the tacos.
TACOS! How could I forget about the tacos?

DSC_0071 (4)Made of a dehydrated nut base, they crumple and shatter in your mouth, leaving you with a mouthful of crumbly nutty goodness.

A friend scoffed at the idea of visiting a raw food place. My response:
“I’m not saying you should, I’m just curious why you wouldn’t?”

My motto for 2014 is the same as 2015, “try everything”.
It might be the best thing you did all year. Happy 2015 guys.


    • Isn’t it just the best. Everything was top notch. Did you have the tacos?
      I still have dreams about the tacos.
      Happy New Year to you too x

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