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Life is like a Bento Box

So I bet you’re going to call me out on the fact that I said I wasn’t going to blog?
Although the season and spirit of Christmas still hangs in the air, for me, its over.
I think its time to get back to doing what I love.

So far, every moment of this trip has been amazing.
TokyoHakone… now Kyoto.
It would be a crying shame to selfishly keep all that I have seen and learned to myself.  This picture is a taste of what lunch is like in Hakone for a mere £9 you can eat like… that!
Did I mention there was roasted tea on tap?
In my usual hyperbloic tone:
Its really rewritten everything I ever thought about taste, nature and… well… stuff.

Blog. A. Blog. A. Blog

The cogs in my head won’t stop turning, urging me to over-share.
I’ve got that New Years’ feeling and the compulsion to dive into nostalgia and reflect, like I was staring in my own version of Melancholia, has gripped me.

I’d hazard a guess and say all this started in the Japanese Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). We stayed there for Christmas and somewhere in between boat rides, mountain trails and getting the ultimate view of Mount Fuji in the rising sun, I went into myself.
Wouldn’t you?
This is the stuff of dreams. At least it had been the stuff of my dreams, since as far back as I could remember. So far this trip has been everything and more.

Now to plan what’s next? 

No pressure.

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