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Herby Salmon Fish Cakes

I can’t wait to try this beautiful recipe.

The Travelling Pantry

These tasty little morsels are great as a special/weekend breakfast, healthy lunch or wholesome starter. I make breadcrumbs out of any leftover white bread from the weekend and process with lemon zest, seasoning and whatever herbs I have at the time – these are perfect for this type of dish.

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As you’ll need to buy parsley and dill, there will be enough left (presuming you buy in bunches) to make a spring pesto or with a little white wine, chopped cherry tomatoes and extra salmon –  you have a great little pasta dish for the evening or day after.

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I’ll be making these plenty throughout my life, they tick all the boxes you’d want a fish cake to tick – so flavoursome, chunky bits of salmon, soft and fluffy with herbed crumbs encasing the delicate treasure within. Mix up the herbs, if you have chives or any leftovers, these should…

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