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Listlessly Listing

I’ve had one hell of  a weekend.
It’s as if the fast approach of 2015 has incensed me to run myself into the ground.
I’ve made lists upon lists of things I want to achieve.
Even Santa couldn’t give me all the things I want.
They’re not material things. Heavens no. They’re things I know will only come from sweat on my brow and lots of hours of work.
Knowing that just makes the tasks ahead more daunting.

My body can’t keep up with my mind.
I’ve spent the last two days tasting, walking, talking and chomping down on just about everything put in front of me.
What a weekend!

Sunday rolled by and I’ve more or crashed. Hard.
But there’s still so much more to do.
I really couldn’t take running around like a headless chicken anymore and so vowed to leave the apartment for water only.

That was until I saw this:
DSC_0053 (4)The strange magical and ever so sweet aroma of coconuts drew me in.
I asked, and found out it called Khanom Buang.
It is made of mung bean powder, eggs and shredded coconut.
After gorging down about a dozen (plus, but who’s counting), I still can’t get off my mind.

will find out how to make this.
Great! Another thing to add on the list.

For a quick video on how my exploits, click this link, to visit my Youtube Channel.

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