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Bangkok Discoveries #2: Koji Suzuki and the Sushi that Saved Me

[Updated 11/07/2015 : I have since been informed that Koji’s place in Ekkamai has shut down. I’ve contacted Koji and am waiting to find out more]

My head is on fire and my nose is runny, but were it not for the kindness of the owner of 男の割, Koji Suzuki, I would not have had the strength to write this.

Dramatic much?

Wait until you hear the story, then judge.

Over the last couple of days, you could say that I’d been enjoying myself a little bit too much.
But who could blame me, my German had come to see me.
Long distance relationships are hard, and they don’t get easier just because you’re married.
Anyway, long story short, I found myself on the wrong side of Tuesday, (now feeling) sick, alone in my tiny apartment and with nothing in my fridge but broccoli and a rather generous bunch of mint leaves.
I made a soothing tea with the mint, had the broccoli steamed with some rice, but before I could go out to restock my supplies, the fever hit.
Don’t ask me where it came from. 
But I’ve been lying in bed ever since.
I don’t know what’s worse, being sick, or being sick and having nobody to take care of you.

That’s when I called Koji.
Koji own a sushi restaurant in Ekamai 23. Its small, cheap and the food is delicious.
For a time, it was my haunting ground.
I don’t know why I stopped going, but I have to admit that I’m easily swayed by shiny things.
It came to me, as I was lying in bed sneezing uncontrollably. I remembered a brief conversation where he’d offered to deliver food to me, should I need it.
Well if ever I needed it, it was now. I could barely move.

In less than an hour, and with the usual beaming and smiling face he wears, Koji himself was here with my curry rice, rainbow sushi rolls and my all time favorite… tamago yaki.
All for 280 baht. puts that at about £5.66.
All too often we expect good service for great prices. But I say I got excellent service for nothing.

Koji is a gem.
That is why, still lying in bed, but some bits of sushi rice sticking out of my hair (and whilst the overwhelming feeling of gratitude is not forgotten or lessened), I would like to thank Koji Suzuki.

The address for his restaurant is:
Grand Hi-Tech Tower
64/1 Ekamai Soi 23
Bangkok 10110

If you’re looking for somewhere to go, that serves fresh (but cheap) home-styled Japanese food, why not visit him?
Who knows, you’ll probably catch me there, when I’m better of course.



  1. Chris says

    Koji’s gone now I’m afraid. I live in GHT and used to get in his restaurant downstairs twice a week for sushi – the bonito was particularly good. Apparently he had an altercation with immigration. Ah well. All good things…. if anyone has an email address for Koji I’d love to say hello.


    • Oh no.
      I’ve been travelling so much but I was going to pop by, grab a bite and catch-up. That’s such a shame because it was one of the few places that I could just grab some good ‘home-style’ Japanese food, without ending up with huge bill.
      Poor Koji. 😦
      In true Japanese fashion, I’ll be sure to ask his permission and send it to you if he gives it the ok. Maybe he has somewhere new in mind?

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Chris says

    Thanks for that – tell him it’s “Mr Chris” and mention the bonito sashimi 🙂 As far as I know he’s back in Japan. Either way, best wishes to him, and to you too.


    • Hi Chris, I’ve sent him a few messages, but haven’t gotten a reply. I’m not really sure what happened to him, but I do hope he’s ok. If he ever does manage to see my messages (they haven’t even been openened), I promise to pass on your kind message. 😦

      • Chris says

        Yup, a shame indeed. I’ve had to resort to some of the sushi places further down Thong Lor – twice the price and half as nice. Any suggestions? 🙂
        Just been looking at some of your blogs and photos. Jesus girl you get about a bit! Slow down, I’m feeling dizzy.
        Best wishes, again. Chris.

      • 😦 I know. It’s like he fell of the map.

        OOh I do know quite a few places! What do you order more often? Sushi? Or Curry dishes?
        I’ll do a review for you if you like, but definitely the Okinawan place in Thonglor soi 13 is wonderful. It’s pricey but worth it.

        I’m just taking the opportunity because I know that if I move back to London, I’ll never get the chance again. I call it Carpe Diem… on steroids ^_^

      • Chris says

        I’m usually more of a sushi eater but that changes with prevailing mood and how good the pictures on the menu are. 🙂 I’ll try pretty much anything though I do have a bit of a psychological aversion to anything with more limbs than me. No, I can’t explain why – it’s just one of those things.
        The Okinawan is good, yes, as is its twin around the back of Sukhumvit 23. There’s a heap of good Japanese places around Thong Lor 13/15, but all overpriced and none quite up to Koji’s standards, either foodwise or vibewise. I shall keep searching. Any assistance and guidance gratefully accepted.
        And why on EARTH would you want to move back to London?!
        Cheers. Chris
        P.S. Your chocolate cake recipe looks awesome. I knew I’d miss having an oven one day.

      • Why thank you. I do have a sweet spot for all things choco-related. In all honesty, it’s an extremely ugly but tasty cake, but definitely worth it.
        You can get a mini oven. It’ll set you back 2,000 baht++ but do it for the ooey gooeyness, only a freshly baked cake can provide. ^^

        I know what you mean, that’s why I loved Koji! He was the best part of living in good olde GHTech Tower.
        I know a good one, run by my old Chinese teacher’s best friend, near Phra khanong. I forget the name but it’s on the left side of Sukhumvit if you approach Ekkamai/Thonglor…. Itaro/Hitaro…. for the life of me, I can’t remember. But next time I go, I promise to take pictures, get a name card and give you a break-down of the price. Btw this place is BETTER than Koji’s and cheaper than the Thonglor bunch. x

        p.s I like to think of my time here as a waking dream, and one of these days reality will bite back hard. That’s basically why I’m living it to the max.

      • Chris says

        You sound like an enterprising girl (!) – I’m sure you’ll be able to perpetuate the waking dream if you put your mind to it. I left the UK over 10 years ago, just for a short holiday….. 🙂
        Will have a search for Itaro/Hitaro. Sounds promising, thanks. Not so sure I’ll get my head around buying an oven though. I’m not quite that well domesticated. Also, the mountain of calories would cost me at least one extra day per week in the gym. Unwise, though tempting.

      • Some ‘short holiday’!
        That’s the beauty of SE Asia in general, once you’re in, nothing else will do.
        Speaking of enterprising. I’m thinking of starting a bed supper club, once everything settles, can I count you in? I promise there’ll be plenty of baked chocolatey goods to make up for your lack of an oven. As for the calories… I’m skinnier (and happier), when I eat in what I want – in moderation (and then some…)
        See you son Chris x

      • Chris says

        It’s the “in moderation” bit that never quite works out for me; that sudden awareness, usually at sometime between midnight and 4AM, that there’s half a cake in the fridge – or a block of cheese or leftover Indian takeaway – that desperately needs to fulfil its destiny. The rest, as they say, is history. Fortunately my metabolism is still (just about) young enough to keep me from turning into an airship.
        Yes, count me in, sounds like a good idea. Likewise if you feel the need for a poison-taster for your Itaro/Hitaro trip.
        Cheers! x

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