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Bangkok Discoveries Series #1: Below Eleven.

My friends at university would chuckled when I’d invite them to the local farmers market back in London. The usual excuses would come up about it being expensive… blah blah blah

“I’d hate to go all Gwyneth Paltrow on you, but if you’re willing to spend £12 at Pret for your coffee, BLT and a cheesecake, even with their paltry sizes, you can quite easily eat better quality food at the local farmer’s market.”
Posh food it ain’t!

But out here in Bangkok where fresh produce is cheap and plentiful, I hadn’t given too much thought to the farmer’s market.
My visit over the weekend changed my mind.
Although it was dominated by foreigners (farang in Thai), the food on offer stood out in a league of its own. To be frank, except for the likes of Portabello Market back home, I felt cheated by others that had come before.

My main reason being …
I have discovered a gem.

A gem so exclusive, that I almost don’t want to share it with others, lest the company become so popular that greed seizes them, and they go the same way as those dastardly chains.
Down with those meglomaniacal chains and they’re high fructose ladened pretenders.

IMG_20141125_155158 (1)Tada! [Below Eleven Website]

Its mine, my own, my precious.

At last I have sympathy for poor pathetic Gollum. He knew the burden one must bear carrying such a precious thing.
Admittedly, I have a tendency to go a bit overblown with the dramatics, but this lives up to the hype.

This mango sorbet just schooled me in the art of taste.
Its sweet. Its tangy. Its so smooth. And right now, its in my mouth. Umanum-a-num.

Why can’t all things taste just as heavenly as this?

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