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Sometimes you fail…

I grew up watching Delia, Nigella, and Jamie (blimmin’) Oliver.
With their pristine kitchens and ‘fool proof’ recipes. At every turn, they oozed perfection.
No recipe ever went wrong. Ever.

All in all, they were too cool for school. Jamie Oliver’s the rebellions one with his mockney accent, Delia was always the prim one, while Nigella’s the bombshell; whose bosoms always seemed to steal the limelight.
I wanted to be just like them.

Flash forward just under a decade and I have both the accent and the bosoms, so how come then, did l get such a…
Argh I’m throwing a fit, but I need to. I can’t keep it in.

[Breath. Sigh]
Exhibit A

_DSC0068This is meant to be a gluten free, flourless chocolate cake. But what it is….. I do not know.
How in God’s name could it have gone so awfully wrong?

I followed the recipe to the letter, but instead of claiming my ouey goey chocolatey prize, in the end, what I got was ‘the Golgotha demon’.
I’ve made hundreds of cakes, and usually the worst things that happens is that my crust is overdone, or my center is a tad bit underdone.
But never like this. 
I followed the recipe for god’s sake!
Sometimes I get the sneaking suspicion that some people (maybe I sound a bit paranoid) lie.

I’m no scientist and I don’t claim to be.
But imagine if a scientist discovered a new particle/matter/thing/chemical, but only they could re-create it.
But that’s unheard of in the scientific community, you say?
Well imagine is they published their findings, and asked their colleagues to test it for themselves, but no-one else could arrive at the same conclusion…
Wouldn’t that be fishy? It is all a bit fishy. I call fish. [Blondlot anyone?]

I made sure my oven had heated up sufficiently. I made sure I reached peak stage with my egg whites.
Yet, what I have to show for my diligence is, after an hour in the oven, a painfully raw center and burnt crust.
I’m looking at this picture and it makes me want to cry.
Not for my bruised baking ego, but for the 8 eggs that I had to separate, to make this.

If only my chickens could see me now.

Back in the oven and 35 minutes later. Its finally cooked.
I’m eating it now and its actually not half bad. Its just not as nice as they claimed it’d be (the liars).

It just goes to show:  sometimes you fail…

[p.s. I’ll be trying this same recipe next week and publishing it to my vlog, so stay tuned and see if I finally get it right]

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