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Throwback Thursday….

It’s definitely Thursday somewhere in the world.

Aha! I knew it.
As I write this, I can confirm (ladies and gentlemen of the jury), that it is 6pm on Thursday…in London.
The whole time zone situation has been explained to me, over and over again, but it doesn’t mean I actually get it.

This was life my, a year ago:

DSC_1955 DSC_1939

My beloved Xena and I were inseparable.


I was discovering the wonders of baking (of course my photographic skills weren’t as good as they are today).


I had my chooks and they had me as their mother hen.


[I’m to the crazy one to the right]

And I had my best friend by my side. Oh Bernadette.
I can imagine that if she ever sees this picture, I’ll be forced (under pain of death or morbid mutilation) to take it down.

But that was my life then….And this is now…


I’m alone. But I’m still cooking.


This is my new garden. Its the size of a single bed but I know I can make something of it.

I may be alone.
I may be without my cat, chickens, or my lovely English garden, but as I’ve proven, “a year can flip everything on its head”.

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