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On…Pad Thai

will be healthy. I will stay healthy.
Not that I have ever lived slovenly. Its just very hard here to stick to any type of regimen.
Bangkok is a food lovers paradise!
And though legend has it that you can get sick of eating Thai food. There are countless others just waiting in the wings (yumm crispy chicken wings), ready to deliver marvelously wondrous pieces of heaven, directly to your mouth.

I’m old school. 
Eating out, on a regular basis, always makes me feel guilty.
It was a treat; meant to be savored. An occasion to be counted down, something you spent time looking forward to.
Here, its just run of the mill.

I love cooking, but I’d be a fool if I didn’t go out (on a quest-like mission) and sample all the tasty food, this town has to offer. Firsts stop. I follow my friend Yok to Klong Toey to try:

Quite Possibly Bangkok’s best Pad Thai


This is it! And isn’t it marvelous. Its a little roadside restaurant with both eat in and out facilities.

I’m not a fan of Pad Thai.
Usually is laden with ridiculous amounts of sugar and they’re quite stingy on the shrimps.
This was just heaven! Everything was fresh and as you can see I had enough seafood in my tiny plate. All for the lovely sum of £1.20. x

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