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There’s hope for us all…

I’ve often been accused of being the ‘blind optimist’.
And what is wrong with that exactly?….
Seriously though, what is so wrong with trying to push through sad situations?
Isn’t everybody entitled to feel how they want? And since you are…
Why would anyone choose to be miserable?
Just like you choose to wear a certain style of clothing, or the way you choose to visit the pub every blimmin Thursday without fail. You don certain patterns and behaviors; conditioning yourself to them.
It’s your choice. It’s always your choice.
And yes they can be hard to break, but they’re not impossible.
Nothing is impossible.
Except for interstellar space travel, but we’ll leave that to the oh-so-sexy Elon Musk[swoon].

Where was I?

I do believe that in some circumstances, it becomes a crutch that we hold on to, so we don’t have to do more. The more being anything that might possibly lead to failure or rejection, or dare I say it, nothing.

Quoting the newest song that has drilled its way deep into my brain:

“…To rise over love,
And over hate,
Through this iron sky,
That’s fast becoming our minds.
Over fear and into freedom…”
[I’ve had this song on loop for 2 days now. Somebody save me.]

The next time you feel you are heading down a path of sorrow, just try saying:
“happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy”
It sounds cheesy but it works.
I stare in the mirror. I repeat it again and again and although I don’t suddenly start bursting into fits of laughter, just saying the word, “happy”, does (for some weird reason) lift your spirits.

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