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Juice Challenge

My 14 Day Juice Challenge
collage Watching all the youtube videos, I decided to give the whole ‘juice cleanse‘ a try.  Health nuts rave on about it, so I figured I might as well dabble. After all why would someone say something works, when it doesn’t?

Of course I am a skeptic from the onset.

Panning through various sites it would appear that this whole juicing thing is, as with everything else, an industry. Countless site can send you pre-made juices, all claiming to resolve all manner of ailments.
Their ingredients are all pretty much similar, so why the hefty price tag?
Organic. Yes. Concentration of goodies. I get that too…. But still. There remains a sour taste in my mouth when I think of forking out $75 dollars a day for juice. Just juice.

I’ll do it. And in true Zipporah-style there’ll be a catch.
I have decided to replace breakfast with a juice. But one that I make for myself (von mir für mich).
The market near me offers plenty of ultra cheap produce, that won’t break my budget.
So… Following the ingredients set out by various sites, I want to see any of it will have an effect on how I feel/look on a day to day basis. Here goes….

I’ve decided to make youtube videos!
Its a daunting world of speaking in front of the camera, but hopefully I’ll get better in my technical skills and my speaking ability.
Please feel free to have a look:

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