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a guide to the life that I wish to live up to

This tagline is ambiguous. I’ll give you that.
But too often the avenues we choose in terms of assumptions are not reflections of the ambiguity, but a reflection of ourselves.

I’ll leave you to ponder that. Ha! Philosophy lesson over.
I am by no means a yummy mummy who has this picturesque idealized standard of her life. I just know that what I want in life is something that needs constant tending, adapting and re-working.
It is something that I have to live up to.
Hence the title.

My daddy (yes I still call both my parents mommy and daddy), once told me to aim so high that even if you only reached half the way, you had still conquered the sum of all your fears. Yes this is a cliche that will most probably get turned into a meme with a cute cat, but I believe it.

But what is wrong with just admitting that you don’t have all the answers, just a few really fun and interesting suggestions?

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Somewhere in between London, Nigeria, Egypt, Jamaica and Bangkok... there's me! Come join me as I share my triumphs in and out of my tiny little kitchen

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