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housebound doesn’t mean bored

snow this morning

ok so I have those plastic greenhouses but its safe to say everything in it is dead 😦

Having woke up this morning  on the wrong side of beauty,  puffy eyes,  swollen glands and   pain in my legs that made me wonder if I was already late in placing an order for a zimmer-frame. I decided  to do something. Not the usual song and dance of fluids, writhing in pain, but with that oh-so-obvious glee that I get to miss lectures.  My objectives for the day were going to be set, checked and completed. Rambostyle.  I should just oubliez vos douleurs and do something purposeful.

I have a theory…
*drifts off*
Oh yeah, this theory is that maybe just maybe I should show seeds earlier this year.
Anti-climax or what? But seriously joking aside, the weather in the UK last year meant that the plants that I had either died or were washed away, by what I can only describe as rainfall of biblical proportions. So I thought to hell with the fact that its January, I’m going to sow February plants. Foolish you say? Well we shall see. So far so good, except… they’re a bit on the leggy side.

The recent snow has instilled me with some optimisim, maybe just maybe the frost is earlier, will stay early, and I can get-a-plantin’

Who is with me?

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